About us

Après des Heures Apparel, meaning 'After Hours' in English, is a unique Dutch-based contemporary apparel brand with a profound focus on faith. Established in 2021, ADH sets out to redefine the way we perceive clothing brands and aims to cultivate a vibrant community unlike any other.

In a world saturated with countless apparel brands, one might wonder, "Do we really need another one?" ADH understands this sentiment, but they strive to stand out from the crowd by offering something truly distinctive.

While ADH does release contemporary styled clothing and accessories, their true mission lies beyond mere fashion. They aspire to build a thriving community—a collective of individuals who dare to push beyond their limitations, who embrace the challenge of working during the "after hours" when others might rest, and who have a clear vision of their goals.

At the core of Après des Heures Apparel is an unwavering commitment to faith. This brand brings together people who prioritise their spiritual beliefs, understanding the power of grounding oneself in faith and its ability to guide and inspire. ADH champions the idea that faith and fashion can coexist harmoniously, encouraging individuals to express their inner beliefs and values through their outward appearance.

The community fostered by Après des Heures Apparel is more than just a group of like-minded individuals. It is a collective movement—a force that supports and uplifts one another as they journey through life. ADH provides a platform for individuals who strive for personal growth, who yearn to transcend their boundaries, and who seek to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

As you engage with Après des Heures Apparel, you become part of a vibrant community that not only values personal style but also fosters personal and spiritual development. It is a community that empowers its members to pursue their dreams relentlessly, to embrace the challenges that come after the sun sets, and to navigate life's journey, with faith illuminating their path.

So, whether you are searching for contemporary fashion with a deeper purpose, seeking connection with like-minded individuals, or simply wanting to look good while living out your faith, Après des Heures Apparel is here to welcome you into their extraordinary world. Embrace the after hours, embrace your faith, and join the movement that is ADH.


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